Were the 49 people killed near Monterrey migrants?

As the days roll by it is looking more like the 49 killed in Cadereyta  were in fact migrants.  Additional information is slowly leaking to the public such as the facial features of the dead were those similar to Central Americans and people in the south of Mexico.

Contrary to early reports, not all victims were decapitated or dismembered, and not all were in black garbage bags, while victims were in bags others were tossed onto the highway without a bag or cover.
Milenio reports that a couple of victims bore tattoos of Santa Muerte , however that has not been confirmed, officially, it is  confirmed  a few bore tattoos.

There were persistent rumors that the dead included women and children.  Since Saturday night it is rumored that 2 of the six women were pregnant.
On Sunday morning I was sent photos that I did nothing with them as the victims were not in bags and although decapitated their limbs were for the most part intact. One of those photos is above.
Also persistent was a reported fact  there were two messages left at the scene.  In any case, cartulinas  (cards) have not been made public or its text.  Perhaps that should be the course of action, not to publicize the full message and text, thwarting the main objective of cartels in conducting these mass killings.
This Borderland Beat reporter has long retained the belief that the mass murder displays were constructed, either by majority or entirety, with innocent people unrelated to organized crime.  That position was reinforced after the Boca del Rio mass killings of 35.
One story that has been impossible to forget.  A mothers account of the last day she saw her 15 year old son, a high school student.  He raised chickens and on foot went to purchase feed.  Eye witnesses account declared that the child was placed in a municipal poilce car.  He was among the carnage in Boca del Rio.

A short time subsequent to the gruesome event, 100% of all the municipal force was fired due to corruption.  Many refused to take a polygraph and those who did failed.  This is not an isolated circumstance.  Cartels control municipalities in the cities and regions they conduct their criminal activities.


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