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Travel Warning! Guadalajara, Colima Jalisco


Due to the security situation in Guadalajara, Colima, and Jalisco Diplomat Armored Rentals in suspending armored vehicle rentals and deliveries throughout these regions. We have a King Air turboprop aircraft available to deliver passengers from within Mexico to regional airports in the restricted area.

The map above is from Borderland Beat and it shows the locations of road blocks setup by drug trafficking groups in the area over the weekend.

Americans Shot in Mexico Were C.I.A. Operatives Aiding in Drug War

We waited to post anything about this story until more details came out. But it appears to be what we suspected.. Another Star on the wall in Langley…
This Article is from the New York Times Published August 28th, 2012
By and
MEXICO CITY — The two Americans who were wounded when gunmen fired on an American Embassy vehicle last week were Central Intelligence Agency employees sent as part of a multiagency effort to bolster Mexican efforts to fight drug traffickers, officials said on Tuesday.

The two operatives, who were hurt on Friday, were participating in a training program that involved the Mexican Navy. They were traveling with a Mexican Navy captain in an embassy sport utility vehicle that had diplomatic license plates, heading toward a military shooting range 35 miles south of the capital when gunmen, some or all of them from the Federal Police, attacked the vehicle, Mexican officials have said.

The Mexican Navy said Tuesday in a statement that an American was driving the vehicle and that during the attack the captain, who was handling logistics and translating for the men, remained in the back seat calling

for help on his cellphone.

The men were wounded, the Navy said, when the rain of bullets managed to tear through the car’s protective armor. It was unclear if the Americans, who officials said were unarmed, were specifically targeted, if the shooting was a case of mistaken identity or if there was some other reason that the vehicle was ambushed. Mexican prosecutors have detained 12 federal police officers and have said no theory can be ruled out.

The C.I.A. declined to comment. But American officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release information, said no evidence had emerged so far that the Americans were targeted because of their affiliation.

American investigators are working with Mexican authorities to determine what happened and whether the police officers involved were corrupt.

The notion that a squad of federal police officers would attack an embassy car could be another blow to the developing trust and cooperation between American counternarcotics personnel and their Mexican partners.

Through programs like the $1.6-billion Merida Initiative, the United States has spent millions of dollars on training and equipping the federal police.

Eric Olson, an expert at the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Mexico Institute in Washington, said the shooting could only sow some doubts about the police, and at best pointed to a lack of communication among Mexico’s military and the police.

“This seems to suggest there isn’t better communication between the various elements of the Mexican government,” he said. “One fundamental issue is the lack of trust.”

In his first public comments on the shooting, President Felipe Calderón, speaking Tuesday at a security forum attended by the American ambassador, Anthony Wayne, promised a thorough investigation.

“Be it from negligence, lack of training, lack of trust, complicity, these acts cannot be permitted and they are being investigated absolutely rigorously,” Mr. Calderón said.

The presence of C.I.A. employees, and indeed all American operatives, on Mexican soil has long been a prickly subject here.

In his nearly six years in office, Mr. Calderón has allowed a much larger role for American counternarcotics operations, including the use of unarmed American drones deep in Mexican territory. C.I.A. operatives and retired American military personnel have also worked with American law enforcement agencies and the Mexican military on training and intelligence-gathering.But Mexico has ruled out allowing the Americans to carry out arrests or deploy troops on its soil, and even their limited role has provoked a political outcry over whether the nation’s sovereignty has been put in jeopardy.

Lawmakers, instigated by the left, have hauled Mexican government officials before Congress for sometimes testy hearings and after the newspaper La Jornada first reported the C.I.A. involvement on Tuesday, some politicians said they would ask for a thorough explanation of the American role here.

“It’s is time to speak clearly and for us to know what institutions are intervening in what specific way in our country in regard to security,’ said Iris Vianey Mendoza, a senator from the left-leaning Party of the Democratic Revolution.

The office of Enrique Peña-Nieto, who won Mexico’s presidential election in July and has promised to maintain close ties with American law enforcement agencies, declined to comment.

The shooting was reminiscent of an attack on American immigration and customs agents last year in which one was fatally shot and another wounded when their embassy sport utility vehicle was ambushed on a highway north of Mexico City. A Mexican man was extradited and is awaiting trial on murder charges in Washington.

This latest episode has caused Mexicans to reflect on the quality of the federal police force, which had achieved growing respect but which has been tarnished by recent corruption scandals.

“The thing that really worries me,” said Gabriel Guerra, a political analyst who has worked with the three major parties here, “is that we are seeing the unraveling of what was supposed to be the main achievement in the fight against organized crime, which was the creation of a trustworthy national police.”


Randal C. Archbold reported from Mexico City and Eric Schmitt from Washington. Karla Zabludovsky contributed from Mexico City.


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Diplomat Armored Rentals Blog: Executive Protection Situation Report

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Contact Us for More Information:
Diplomat Armored Rentals
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MX: (+52) 661-612-0489
Fax: 505-212-0683
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D&B Number:078514364 Cage:6SKC1 NAICS:532112, 561612
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Billionaire’s Bodyguard Sentenced to Two Years in Prison on Weapons Charges

ONE of Australia’s richest men faced threats from organised criminals and was protected with military-grade weapons on his private jet in the years before his death, the tycoon’s former bodyguard has claimed.

Billionaire Richard Pratt’s one-time security chief Sean Shane Bowman was last month sentenced to a minimum of 2 1/2 years in prison for keeping an extensive array of guns, grenades, fake passports and NSW Police and Australia Post badges in his Sydney unit.

But in recently released court documents, 39-year-old Bowman claimed it was only after talks with Mr Pratt about his “security exposures” that he had sourced two high-powered, illegal weapons – an M4 assault rifle fitted with a silencer and a 12-gauge shotgun.

“Every country that we went (to), for example in Papua New Guinea, we would employ local security armed to secure the runway and the aircraft,” Bowman told the District Court.

“But we didn’t trust the local security and we had problems with extortions and threats.”

Mr Pratt’s fortune from his Visy packaging group was estimated at more than $5 billion shortly before he died in 2009.

Bowman said he “used contacts” to source the banned weapons, which were for securing whichever of the billionaire’s three jets he was using on overseas trips.

The former New Zealand army soldier said he first met Mr Pratt in 2003 and the cardboard king made him a “very appealing” offer to work for him.

Bowman later became caught up in a three-way affair with Mr Pratt’s lover Madison Ashton, a former prostitute who launched a failed Supreme Court case in an attempt to elicit millions from the billionaire’s estate.

The court heard he would be deported to New Zealand after his release and he planned to “make a pet shelter in the South Island for dogs and cats” because he loved animals.

Bowman has been in custody since he was arrested in May last year, when police found the stash of illicit goods, including five guns, false passports, NSW Police and Australia Post badges, stun and smoke grenades.



Shootouts and Narcoblockades in Reynosa as Reports “El Gringo” is Dead

A confrontation between narocs and the military, has allegedly resulted in the death of  “El Gringo”.  El Gringo is the chief of the Plaza for  the Gulf Cartel.  This event sparked a series of “narco blockades and shootouts at different points in the city of Reynosa.
The Prosecutor’s Office of Tamaulipas sources confirmed that at 12: 30 p.m.  a clash between soldiers and armed men in nearby streets to Las Bugambilias colony.
Subsequently, around  13: 30 hours armed men began to steal cars and trucks to block important avenues such as Hidalgo, one Street East, the Beltway to Matamoros, even near the highway by th headquarters of the eighth military zone, which lies at the eastern part of the city.
Criminals were also fired in the air and at various streets they  threw, the so-called “ponchallantas”, a set of entangled nails that disable tires on military vehicles allowing criminal to escape.  Reports of shootings were also reported  through social networks like Twitter.
The United States Consulate in Monterrey, which controls the border of Tamaulipas area, reported that so far they have not felt it necessary to issue an alert to its citizens about the situation in Reynosa.
A spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office of Tamaulipas said that a statement will be issued in the next few hours to inform about the violent events of Reynosa and they will also confirm if “El Gringo” was shot down by the Army.
El Gringo was mentioned in the text of the Los Zetas  Narco Mantas that appeared  throughout the city of Nuevo Laredo on Sunday and Monday. 

Search for Four Kidnapped Foreigners Oil Workers Continues after Suspected Pirate Attack

Nigerian security agencies have stepped up efforts to trace the four foreigners who were kidnapped when an oil company vessel was attacked off the country’s coast.

Suspected pirates stormed a vessel belonging to the Sea Trucks Group in the Gulf of Guinea, scene of a series of maritime attacks in recent months.

Two people were killed during the assault, which took place 35 nautical miles off Nigeria’s oil-rich Niger Delta coastal region.

“We have intensified our search for the kidnappers and the abducted four foreigners,” said Nigerian Navy spokesman Commodore Kabir Aliyu.

A second official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said an investigation of the Gulf’s subsidiary creeks and waterways is also under way.

“We are leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to get back these four foreigners who were kidnapped aboard the vessel. We are redoubling our efforts,” he said.

A spokeswoman for Sea Trucks Group said the company’s main goal was the safe release of the hostages.

We are very focused on getting our crew back safely,” Corrie Van Kessel said.

Van Kessel confirmed the four people kidnapped were from Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia and Thailand.


The Gulf of Guinea has been plagued by armed insurgency from militants in recent years, following widespread criticism of companies’ refusal to redistribute oil revenues among local communities.

From 2006 to 2009, armed gangs targeted a number of oil companies, leading to a fall of over 28 percent in the production of crude oil.

Despite a 2009 amnesty deal that reduced the violence, the region has seen a fresh rise in the number of reported pirate attacks in 2012.

In a report released in July, the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) reported that 32 incidents of piracy had been recorded off the coasts of Benin, Nigeria and Togo in the first half of 2012, up from 25 in 2011.

An IMB official told AFP that armed assaults on vessels in the area are being been under-reported.

Many of the raids include “high levels of violence,” the IMB report added.

Gunmen Kill 19 in Church Attack in Central Nigeria

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Mayor-elect killed driving unarmored vehicle in Mexico

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Edgar Morales Perez is dead following a Matehuala, Mexico assassination. Edgar Morales Perez and Francisco Hernandez were assassinated today August 12, 2012 local news is reporting. Perez was the mayor-elect of Matehuala in San Luis Potosi; Hernandez was Perez’s campaign manager. A female passenger has survived.

Officials tell news that gunmen launched a violent assassination on the road after Perez left a local party. Perez was a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

14 Bodies found in San Luis Potosi

ImageIn the latest report of killings it is a  mass murder with a death count of 14 left in a van (21 in total in S).  A total 36 in a little over 2 days.  These include multiple murders, such as five family members killed in Acapulco, 6 patrons in a bar in Mexico state and 4 women in Torreon.
At the “Pachangon Bar”, gunmen entered the facility in the early hours of Wednesday and began  indiscriminately shooting patrons and employees.  There were injured victims in addition to the 6 killed.
In Torreon, Coahuila the bodies of 4 young women were discovered Wednesday outside a baseball field.  The women were between 19-24 year old, including 19 year old twins. The cause of death of the four was by strangulation.
In the latest reported murders the Attorney General of the State of  San Luis Potosí (PGJE) reported the gruesome discovery of 14 bodies, all  were men who bodies were discarded  inside a van, at kilometer 12 on the road leading from  Zacatecas to San Luis Potosi. Police reported 21 dead in total with the 14, all in SLP. (see El Universal article at bottom for details)
Via his Twitter account, the State Attorney General said the bodies were found near a gas station known as La Posta and according to the information received, the men are most likely originated from Coahuila, where  they were kidnapped.  “So far we know that the victims were kidnapped in Coahuila state, then made a stopover in Zacatecas, and on the way to this city, were killed,” the state attorney said in a statement.
Although the bodies were dumped in SLP, it appears they were killed elsewhere.
The discovery was made at 4:00 Thursday morning, when the abandoned vehicle was inspected. According to the PGJE, the vehicle was obtained through a violent carjacking and it is described as a Mercedes Benz type white van with curtains on its windows and license plate TP-55240. 
There are reports that there is an injured person that is related to the death of the 14 men.  Furthermore, the injured victim is hospitalized.  The circumstances were not given surrounding the injured person.
The vehicle was confiscated by the authorities to initiate investigations. After the discovery, authorities and the state police director Jose Luis Urban, and the head of the Ministry of Public Security in the State, Joel Melgar, rushed to the scene, as well as prosecutors, staff of Expert Services and Investigator agents, to begin with investigations. This occurs within 48 hours of Heliodorus Guerrero Guerrero resigned as head of the Ministry of Public Security of the State.
Notimex-Vanguardia-Hoy Por Hoy
Photo: EFE

UPDATE 8-10-12

Looks like my orginal report of 14 dead and one injured was correct  and here are the details.  Translated from El Universal
Thursday San Luis Potosi experienced  a series of chases and shootouts, leaving three dead plus four prisoners, and the discovery of 14 bodies dumped in a truck, with one man managing  to escape this slaughter because he faked his death and fled to a mountain.
De acuerdo con la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública federal (SSP), dicha persona fue auxiliada por policías estatales que la encontraron tras haber escapado y la trasladaron a un nosocomio donde se le reporta fuera de peligro. According to the federal Public Security Secretariat (SSP), that person was assisted by state police who found him after having escaped and taken to a hospital where he was reported out of danger.
La víctima “indicó que al percatarse de los hechos, fingió encontrarse sin vida y aprovechó el momento en que los presuntos homicidas cargaban combustible para internarse en un monte en donde posteriormente fue auxiliado por elementos de la Policía Estatal”, precisó. The victim stated that when he realized what was happening, he pretended to be dead, allowing the sicarios to throw him into the van with the other bodies. When he determined there was an opportunity to escape as the gunmen stopped for fuel, he fled to the mountains where he was subsequently helped by elements of the State Police,” he said.
La mañana del jueves, una llamada alertó a las autoridades sobre la presencia de una furgoneta abandonada con cuerpos en su interior en la carretera a Zacatecas. On Thursday morning, a call alerted authorities about the presence of an abandoned truck with bodies inside on the road to Zacatecas. En el lugar fueron encontrados 14 cadáveres con señales de tortura y disparos de arma de fuego. At the site were found 14 bodies bearing signs of torture and gun shots.
Los hechos de violencia continuaron en el poniente de la ciudad con balaceras y persecuciones. The violence continued in the western part of the town with gunfights and chases. En total se reportaron 21 muertos , incluidas las víctimas de la camioneta y el hallazgo de otros cuatro cuerpos en distintos puntos de la ciudad, así como cuatro detenidos y tres policías federales heridos . In total 21 deaths were reported, including victims of the truck and the discovery of four bodies in different parts of the city, and four federal police arrested and three wounded.
En un comunicado, la SSP confirmó que la Policía Federal tuvo conocimiento de la presencia de personas armadas en las inmediaciones de la Plaza San Luis; al acudir al lugar, hombres armados atacaron a los agentes en la Glorieta de La Familia, que converge con la carretera 80 Tampico-Barra de Navidad. In a statement, the SSP confirmed that the Federal Police learned of the presence of armed persons near the Plaza San Luis, and proceeded to the site, gunmen attacked police in the Glorieta de La Familia, which converges with the Highway 80 Tampico-Barra de Navidad.
“Los agresores disparaban desde una camioneta Pick Up, Chevrolet Sierra color gris e intentaban escapar ya que momentos antes habían sostenido un enfrentamiento con personal de la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional”, refirió la dependencia. “The attackers fired from a pickup truck, Chevrolet Sierra gray and trying to escape.  It has just experienced  a confrontation with staff of the Secretariat of National Defense”, said the agency.
Tras el ataque, policías federales, personal militar y agentes estatales continuaron la persecución de los sujetos, quienes fueron interceptados en la colonia Balcones del Valle. After the attack, federal police, military and government agents continued the pursuit of the subjects, who were intercepted at the colony Balcones del Valle.
Después de este aseguramiento se reportó la presencia de otros hombres armados en un inmueble de la colonia Lomas del Tecnológico, desde el cual varios sujetos realizaron disparos con armas largas, lo que dio origen a un enfrentamiento en donde perdieron la vida tres presuntos delincuentes y cuatro más fueron asegurados. It was reported the presence of armed men in a building of the Lomas of Technology, from which several subjects were shot with rifles, which led to a clash that killed three suspected criminals and four more were secured.
Estos hechos se suscitaron cuando la Policía Federal realizaba trabajos de inspección, seguridad y vigilancia en seguimiento a las investigaciones derivadas del hallazgo de la camioneta con los 14 cuerpos sin vida. These events took place when the Federal Police carried out works of inspection, monitoring security and surveillance in investigations arising from the discovery of the van with the 14 dead bodies.
Durante los operativos, las autoridades aseguraron 16 armas largas y una corta, dos lanzagranadas calibre 40 milímetros, 19 granadas calibre 40 milímetros, 6 granadas de mano, 182 cargadores calibre 7.62x 39, 30 cargadores calibre 223 y un cargador calibre 45. During the raids, authorities said 16 guns and a short, two 40 mm caliber grenade launchers, 19 grenades, 40 mm caliber, 6 hand grenades, 182 7.62x 39 caliber magazines, 30 magazines and a charger 223 caliber 45 caliber.
Además de 4 mil 060 cartuchos calibre 7.62x 39 milímetros, 810 cartuchos calibre 223, dos inmuebles, 5 vehículos (uno de ellos blindado), diversos medios de comunicación y equipo táctico. In addition to 4 000 060 7.62x 39 mm caliber cartridges, 810 cartridges caliber 223, two buildings, 5 vehicles (one armored), various media and tactical equipment.
En estos operativos resultaron heridos tres elementos de la Policía Federal quienes reciben atención médica y se encuentran fuera de peligro, añadió.In these operations, injuring three elements of the Federal Police who received medical care and are now out of danger, he added

Violence leaves 23 dead in Zacatecas.

Fifteen suspected cartel gunmen were killed and 14 others were arrested in different operations by federal security forces and state police in the north-central Mexican state of Zacatecas, where another eight badly decomposed bodies were found in a van, officials said.

In one of the operations, six reputed organized criminals, including a most-wanted suspect known as “Comandante Mara,” were killed in clashes with marines in the town of Sain Alto, Zacatecas’ government secretary told the media Friday.

Esau Hernandez said in a television interview that 14 other suspected criminals were arrested in another operation led by the federal police in the municipality of Rio Grande, where officers also seized communications gear, assault rifles, ammunition and some vehicles.

Another nine alleged organized criminals were killed in other operations involving federal forces and state police in that state, according to official reports.

Separately, spokespersons with the state’s Attorney General’s Office and Public Safety Secretariat said that eight bodies were found inside a van in the town of Fresnillo, a few kilometers from an army checkpoint.

They said the bodies were badly decomposed and that preliminary reports indicated the victims bore signs of torture.

Earlier this week in north-central Mexico, a van containing 14 bodies was found on the outskirts of the city of San Luis Potosi, capital of the like-named state.

Investigators gathered information indicating that the killers made a stop in the state of Zacatecas and the victims – discovered Thursday – were executed on the drive to San Luis Potosi.

The deaths come amid a turf war in that region pitting different organized crime gangs.

More than 50,000 people, according to official figures, have died in drug-related violence since late 2006, when newly inaugurated President Felipe Calderon militarized the struggle against the nation’s heavily armed, well-funded cartels.

The Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, which was founded by human rights activist and poet Javier Sicilia, puts the death toll at 70,000.

Source: Associated Press

Ex-Bin Laden Bodyguard Living in Germany

They said the man, named only as Sami A., 36, had recruited young Muslims in the city of Bochum for “holy war” after spending time in Afghanistan and Pakistan before the September 11, 2001 attacks. Bin Laden, the al Qaeda leader, was killed in a U.S. commando raid on his Pakistan hideout last year.

“We know that Sami A. was in Afghanistan and Pakistan at the end of 2000 where he was believed to have been one of Osama bin Laden’s bodyguards,” a spokeswoman for Germany’s constitutional watchdog in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) said.

“Both the intelligence services and security services have had a close eye on him since 2004,” she added. “We consider him dangerous as he had been spreading extremist views in Germany while trying to radicalize young people.”

Sami A. has not been detained but has been required to report to Bochum police daily since 2006, a spokeswoman for the NRW interior ministry said.

German authorities have tried to deport Sami A. to his native Tunisia since 2006 because he is seen as a possible threat to national security, but not succeeded because he is married to a German woman and they have three children.

Two of Sami A.’s followers belong to a group of four accused of membership of an al Qaeda cell and charged in Germany with plotting an attack. They went on trial in July. Prosecutors said the four, aged between 20 and 30, had intended to stage a “sensational terror attack”.

German media reports said Sami A. had given religious classes in Bochum to the German-Iranian Amid C., 21, and German citizen Halil S., 28, who are suspected of handling the group’s communications with al Qaeda leaders abroad.

Germany has stepped up surveillance of Salafist Islamists – believed to number about 4,000 among the 4 million Muslims in the country – after they sought to hand out free copies of the Koran and clashed with police earlier this year.

Police raided scores of buildings across Germany on June 14 in a clampdown on Salafists suspected of plotting against the state. Salafists want to establish sharia (Islamic law) in Europe and police fear they are fuelling militancy among a small minority of socially alienated young Muslims in Germany.

But despite the prominence of Germany in the saga of al Qaeda due to Hamburg’s role as a base for three of the September 11 suicide airline hijackers, its indigenous militant scene is much smaller than that in Britain or France, security experts say.

Britain has been trying for more than a decade to deport Abu Qatada, a radical Muslim preacher of Palestinian origin and described by a Spanish judge as bin Laden’s “right-hand man in Europe”, to Jordan to face terrorism charges. His case remains mired in legal wrangling

Diplomat Armored Rentals

Diplomat Armored Rentals is a Veteran Owned Business based in Texas, we maintain a large fleet of armored SUVs and sedans available for rent or long-term lease in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, London, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq & in the Philippines.

Former Ukrainian Presidential Bodyguard Detained for Murder


KIEV, Ukraine — A former Ukrainian presidential bodyguard has been detained at an Italian airport at Ukraine’s request.

Mykola Melnychenko was charged with abuse of office and divulging state secrets after claiming that former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma was involved in the murder of an investigative journalist.

Melnychenko had released tapes that he said were made in Kuchma’s office and on which a voice resembling Kuchma’s is heard ordering his subordinates to deal with the journalist, Heorhiy Gongadze.
The journalist’s beheaded body was found in a forest outside Kiev in November 2000.

A Ukrainian court cleared Kuchma last year. Melnychenko then fled the country.
Ukrainian news agencies on Saturday cited Melnychenko and his lawyer as saying he had been detained in the Naples airport after arriving on a flight from Washington on Friday.

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Pirates Kidnap 4 Off the Coast of Nigeria

 Sea Trucks Group says its boat was attacked

* Two naval guards killed, two wounded

* Piracy a major security headache off Nigeria’s coast (Adds shipping company targeted)

PORT HARCOURT, Nigeria, Aug 4 (Reuters) – Pirates attacked a ship being used by an oil servicing company in the waters off southeastern Nigeria on Saturday, killing two Nigerian naval guards and kidnapping four foreigners, the Navy and the boat’s shipping firm said.

“An oil servicing company was attacked by gunmen. We lost two of our men and four expatriates were abducted, one Malaysian, one Iranian,” Navy spokesman Commodore Kabir Aliyu said, adding that a Thai and an Indonesian were also taken.

He said the attack took place around 33 nautical miles off the coast of Bonny, Nigeria’s main oil export terminal.

Netherlands-based Sea Trucks Group, whose boat Jascon was attacked, confirmed that four of its staff had been seized and that two other security guards were also wounded in the attack.

“The two remaining injured security personnel are now in Port Harcourt hospital for treatment,” spokeswoman Corrie van Kessel said in a statement.

“Sea Trucks Group is making every effort to find out where the kidnappers”.

Security in the Delta has improved since militant activity shut down nearly half of Nigeria’s oil output around the middle of the last decade, thanks to an amnesty between various militant factions and the government.

But the situation remains volatile and inflamed by organised crime and local political rivalries.

Piracy and kidnapping in the Delta and offshore are common, and West Africa’s oil-rich Gulf of Guinea is second only to the waters off Somalia for the risk of pirate attacks, which drives up shipping insurance costs.

They are seen as more of a criminal enterprise making huge sums for armed gangs than as anything political. Nigerian pirates usually release kidnapped crew members after their cargo has been looted, rather than held for ransom. (Reporting by Austin Ekiende, Tim Cocks and Tife Owolabi; Writing by Tim Cocks; Editing by Jon Boyle)


Iraqi Vice-President’s Bodyguard Gunned Down.


Iraqi police officials say assailants have gunned down a bodyguard for the country’s Shiite vice president in a drive-by-shooting in downtown Baghdad. The officials say the attack Saturday afternoon in the Karradah neighborhood killed the off-duty bodyguard for Vice President Khudier al-Khuzaie. A medic at the nearby Ibn al-Nafis hospital confirmed the bodyguard’s death. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to release information to the media. Violence has ebbed in Iraq, but Sunni insurgents frequently target security and government officials in an attempt to shake the people’s confidence in the Shiite-led government.

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Police Colonel Killed by Sniper in North Colombia

An unidentified sniper shot and killed a police commander in the Bajo Cauca region of northern Colombia, a region fought over by the FARC rebels and emerging criminal groups.

According to authorities, Colonel Cristian Florez’s car was hit by three rounds while he was traveling on a road between Taraza and Valdivia in the Antioquia province on July 31, reported El Tiempo. Florez (pictured) was the second-in-command of transport police in the region.

The mayor of Taraza attributed the attack to the 36th Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the branch of the guerrilla group operating in the region. He called for increased security in the area.

Antioquia’s government secretary, Santiago Londoño, said that the FARC could be behind the attack, but also noted that the killing could have been the work of emerging criminal bands (BACRIM) in the area. Londoño announced that the governor would convene a meeting with the heads of security agencies in response to the attack.

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Florez is the second member of the Antioquia highway patrol to be killed in a little over a year. In June 2011, a concealed explosive device planted by the FARC killed a police major from the highway patrol when he went to a site where the guerrillas had burned three cars.

The dense coca crops and transport connections to both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts in Bajo Cauca make it a hub of activity for both the BACRIM and the FARC. It has never been under the sole control of any of these groups, and so has become a battleground for rival criminal organizations.

Illicit activities in the area run from drug trafficking to unlicensed gold mining operations, many of which are run by the FARC’s 36th Front. Neo-paramilitary criminal organizations have also made inroads in this enterprise in Bajo Cauca.

Taraza in particular is a known operating center for BACRIM groups like the Urabeños, which assembles teams of trained, armed men to buy and protect coca base.


Bodyguard Killed in Attack on Yemini Minister

ImageGunmen strafed the car of Yemeni information minister Ali Ahmed al-Amrani with bullets on Thursday, killing his bodyguard, but the official was not in the vehicle at the time, officials said.

“Armed men fired shots at the information minister’s car, killing his bodyguard,” a security official told AFP. “The minister, who was not in the car at the time of the attack, was apparently the attackers’ target.”


The assailants sprayed the car with bullets as it stopped outside a pharmacy.

A ministerial source confirmed the attack and the death of the bodyguard, whose name was not given.

Amrani also escaped an assassination attempt on January 31 as he was leaving government headquarters in Sanaa.

The minister, a member of the opposition named to the post in December as part of a deal that led to the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in February, was also unhurt on that occasion.

Amrani was a member of Saleh’s General People’s Congress who joined the opposition along with several other party members in March 2011 in protest over a deadly crackdown on anti-regime protests by the President’s loyalists.

The January attack was the first on a government official since a unity government was formed on December 7 under the Gulf-brokered power transfer deal that gave an equal number of seats to the GPC and opposition.

At the time of the first assassination bid Saleh was in the United States for medical treatment after being seriously wounded in a bombing at the presidential palace in Sanaa in June 2011.