Armored Lincoln Navigator in Las Vegas

We will be showing our B6+ Armored Lincoln Navigator Elite in Las Vegas this weekend (August 31- September 3rd, 2012)  at the Station Casino parking lot. This vehicle is available for rent in Las Vegas from Diplomat Armored Rentals.

Diplomat Armored Rentals is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB) based in Texas, we maintain a large fleet of armored SUVs and sedans availble for rent or long-term lease in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, London, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Afghanstan, Iraq & in the Philippines.

We can provide client driven armored vehicles for rent or security drivers drivers and executive protection details to our clients. We have several bi-lingual ex-U.S. Special Forces executive protection specialist  that work in Las Vegas.

Check out our video on Youtube:

Diplomat Armored Rentals Facebook:
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Diplomat Armored Rentals Blog: Executive Protection Situation Report
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Contact Us for More Information:
Diplomat Armored Rentals
US: (1) 713-267-2288
MX: (+52) 661-612-0489
Fax: 505-212-0683
10777 Westheimer
Suite 1100
Houston, TX 77042

D&B Number:078514364    Cage:6SKC1      NAICS:532112, 561612
Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (S.D.V.O.B.)
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