Armoured cars for hire in Ankara

Diplomat Armored Rentals provides armoured vehicles for hire in Turkey
Diplomat Armored Rentals provides armoured vehicles for hire in Turkey


Diplomat Armoured Rentals provides armored vehicles for rent around the world.

We several armoured passenger vehicles available for hire in Ankara, Turkey. We can provide clients with B5 Armoured SUV’s. In Ankara we offer Cadillac Escalades and Lincoln Navigators. These vehicles are can carry up to six passengers and provide protection against AK-47s.
All of our vehicles in Ankara are 2,000 Euro per day. This price includes a driver.
Contact us for special rates on rental periods of 1 Week (7 Days) or more.

Diplomat Armored Rentals is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business. (SDVOB)

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Egypt Central Bank Chief’s Bodyguard Killed and Car Stolen.

Egypt Central Bank Chief's Bodyguard Killed & Car Stolen.
Egypt Central Bank Chief’s Bodyguard Killed & Car Stolen.

CAIRO — Three masked gunmen on Wednesday stole the  car of Central Bank Governor Hisham Ramez in Cairo after killing his  bodyguard, the official MENA news agency reported.

Ramez’s bodyguard  and the driver were on their way to take him from home to work when  attackers chased them and opened fire on the governor’s car.

The  bodyguard was killed in a shootout with the assailants who forced the  driver to stop before seizing the car and fleeing the scene, MENA said.

Egypt  has been hit by a wave of crime and insecurity, including armed  robbery, since the ouster of president Hosni Mubarak two years ago.

On  Tuesday, dozens of masked men carrying wooden sticks and knives smashed  the glass front of a luxury hotel in Cairo before fleeing, according to  security official said. — AFP



Dallas Mining Company Executives Found Dead in Rio Santa Rio

Image Two men, reportedly the CEO and CFO of U.S.-based exploration firm Southridge Minerals found dead.

According to several local media outlets, their bodies were found dead floating down Rio Santa Rosa river by local farmers, on the border between the municipalities of Ixtlan del Rio, Nayarit and Hostotipaquillo, Jalisco., local press reports
The bodies, corresponding to two men in their late 30s, were found by farmers of Ixtlan del Rio who were working their land near Hostotipaquillo, Jalisco. They also recovered a briefcase with documents revealing the names of Michel Davies and Derald Johnston, which are the names of Southridge Minerals’s CEO and CFO. The farmers said however, were forensic experts of Nayarit took bodies because they were in state territory.
The company has been involved in a recent controversy over its rights over the Cinco Minas project. The conflict worsened early this month, after a Canadian junior released an independent report revealing that Southridge’s Cinco Minas property has been non-operational for the past several years.
On February 5, Bandera Gold CEO Stephen Roehrig  released a statement claiming  “press releases issued by Southridge Enterprises, Inc. (‘SRGE’ or ‘Southridge’) contain false and misleading statements about current mining activity and SRGE’s alleged ownership of the Cinco Minas project.”This followed the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s announcement on December 28 that it had “temporarily suspended trading in the securities of Southridge because of questions regarding the accuracy of statements made by Southridge in press releases to investors concerning, among other things, the company’s business operations and arrangements.

Despite the U.S. company allegedly claiming the contrary, Canada’s Bandera Gold (TSXV:BGL) published a detailed report with photos and videos showing evidence the site and machinery have been “completely non-operational for some time.”

The Dallas-based firm, however, says in its website that it paid $7.5 million for exclusive concessions to mine the Cinco Minas and Gran Cabrera sites respectively located 100 and 135 kilometers northwest of Guadalajara in 2010. This fact is disputed by Bandera Gold, which claims ownership of both mines and displays the concession certificates on its website.
Sources:, Periodico Express, Afmedios, Tequila Files, Photo: Cinco Minas


Armed suspects detonate 3 grenades near Nuevo Laredo US Consulate


A shootout between armed drug gangs took place last Thursday evening near the US Consulate in Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas, according to Mexican news accounts.

A news account published on the website of La Tarde news daily said the gunfight took place near the intersection of Paseo Colon and Calle Allende at around 1920 hrs. No one was reported hurt in the incident.

The US Consulate is located near the intersection of calles Allende and Nayarit.

According to press reports, armed suspects from rivalling gangs shot at each other near the US Consulate.  Included in the exchanges of gunfire were the detonation of three hand grenades.

Reports say that intervention by Mexican security forces including Mexican Army and Policia Federal troops forced the armed groups to flee the scene.  No detentions were reported in the aftermath.

Nuevo Laredo was the scene of a mass execution where four individuals were shot to death last Monday. Three of the victims were identified as US citizens.  Unconfirmed reports in the area said that another five unidentified individuals were shot and killed as well.

Last February 1st, seven armed suspects were killed in an encounter with a Mexican Army road patrol near Ciudad Victoria, the capital of Tamaulipas state.

Nuevo Laredo has been the focal point if an intense and bloody competition between the Los Zetas and Gulf Cartels.  Nuevo Laredo has been known to be in the past  Los Zetas territory until last summer, when several grisly incidents signalled that competition for control of the US border crossing was beginning.

Bodyguard Goes Missing in Uganda

Bodyguard disappears after receiving a phone call at an exclusive party in Uganda.
Bodyguard disappears after receiving a phone call at an exclusive party in Uganda.

Friends and relatives to Michael Kasirye, socialite Zari Hassan’s former bodyguard have reported a case of a missing person with Jinja road police station. Kalisimaati as he was fondly called by pals was last seen at Zari’s All White Party at Guvnor last year.

“It’s over a month now since we last heard of Michael and to make matters worse, all his known lines are off,” a family source said. Kalisimaati used to work at the Centenary based BBQ Lounge until November 2012.

Kalisimaati was one of Zari’s most trusted bouncers, but during the night of the White Party, he received a call which he had to attend to from a less noisy area, so he chose to go outside the dancing hall. That was the last time he was seen until today.

Police is now appealing to whoever has any information leading to his whereabouts to come out and help as they carry out investigations in the hunt for Michael Kasirye.

Zari and Ivan left the country this morning after a four-day visit that saw Zari stock her Garden City based stores with Valentine wear and assorted gift items.


Armored Toyota Land Cruisers Available for Rent in Afghanistan

Armored Toyota Land Cruisers being cleaned after a snow storm in Kabul, Afghanistan. Armored Land Cruisers are the workhorses of contractors and military units in urban areas
Armored Toyota Land Cruisers being cleaned after a snow storm in Kabul, Afghanistan. Armored Land Cruisers are the workhorses of contractors and military units in urban areas
Diplomat Armored Rentals (DAR) has a large fleet of armored vehicles available for rent in Afghanistan. All of our armored vehicles for rent in Afghanistan have license plates and MOI permits.

Diplomat Armored Rentals provides armored Toyota Land Cruisers, armored Ford F350s, and armored Toyota Hilux pickups throughout Afghanistan.

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