US Embassy in Sanaa Bombed on Thanksgiving.

On Nov. 28, a Twitter account linked to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed credit for bombing the US Embassy in the Yemeni capital Sanaa during the evening of Nov. 27, coinciding with Thanksgiving, using two improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The last time AQAP has claimed credit for directly targeting the US Embassy in Sanaa was in late September, after fighters from the terrorist group launched rockets that reportedly fell about 100 meters away from the embassy.

In the statement regarding the latest embassy attack, AQAP claims that its fighters managed to plant two IEDs at the northern gate of the US Embassy in Sana’a. The statement notes that one of these explosives contained shrapnel, a common terrorist practice used to increase potential injuries from the explosion. According to AQAP, the explosives were detonated at precisely 7:51 p.m. on Nov. 27 and resulted in a number of casualties among the ranks of the embassy security guards.

However, the AQAP narrative on the attack is at odds with other reports on the incident. Arabic media reports and Yemeni security sources claimed that assailants riding a motorbike who were “believed to be from al Qaeda” opened fire at the embassy security guards. Those reports also state that two individuals were killed in the course of the “clashes,” including one of the assailants.

The AQAP statement recognizes this disparity and denies the media reports’ claims. “Our correspondent denied the veracity of this matter,” the AQAP statement reads, “confirming that the attack was carried out by detonating the two IEDs remotely and not by using firearms, as was stated by the media.”

This latest attack comes just weeks after AQAP claimed to have targeted US Ambassador to Yemen Matthew H. Tueller. On Nov. 8, AQAP stated that two IEDs planted by its fighters in front of the residence of the Yemeni president in Sana’a were intended to be detonated as Tueller left a meeting inside the house. Tueller met with President Hadi on Nov. 8 in his Sana’a home for over an hour, and the AQAP statement claimed that the explosives were found just minutes before the ambassador exited the Yemeni president’s house.

If AQAP’s claims are true, this would be yet another indication that AQAP has successfully exploited Yemen’s current unstable political and security situation to its benefit. Just this month, AQAP has claimed to have planted explosives in front of the residences of both the current and former Yemeni presidents, attempted to assassinate the US ambassador, and tried to attack the US Embassy. These alleged attacks have come amid almost daily AQAP operations against Yemeni military positions, particularly in the southern and eastern provinces, as well as targeting the advance of Shiite Houthi rebels in central Yemen.

AQAP claims responsibility for US Embassy Bombing.
AQAP claims responsibility for US Embassy Bombing.

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Gunmen Attacks Mexican Consulate in Texas and Tries to Burn it Down.

A man being described as a middle-aged white male opened fire early Friday morning on the Austin Police Department (APD) Headquarters. After firing about 100 rounds, the gunman was killed. It is not known for certain whether he died from a police bullet or from a self-inflicted shot. The man also fired at other government buildings in Austin along with the Mexican Consulate. While at the Mexican Consulate, he attempted to set a blaze using several propane cylinders.

At about 2:20 a.m. Friday morning, the gunman began his shooting rampage. He shot rounds at the Mexican Consulate and attempted to set it on fire using propane canistersaccording to a report in USAToday. He then proceeded to fire shots at the U.S. Courthouse Building in Austin while in route to the Austin Police Headquarters. Other buildings were fired at along the way.

The fire at the Mexican was extinguished but was extensively damaged. No one has been reported injured at this time.

Some of the building shot at were near the popular 6th Street club district in Austin. The clubs close at 2 a.m. shortly before the shooting escapade began.

According to Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, an APD mounted patrol sergeant shot the gunman with one hand while holding two horses with the other. The man was described as being about 50-years-old according to an article in It is not known at this time, if the sergeant’s shot killed the suspect or if he took his own life.

Officers discovered more propane cylinders in his vehicle. The suspect was also wearing a bulky vest. Not sure if he may have been wired with explosives, officers backed away and the Austin Bomb Squad was called. They determined there were no explosive devices.

Chief Acevedo did not reveal the suspect’s name at this time but said he had a criminal record. Police Tactical Teams responded shortly thereafter to an apartment complex where the gunman lived as a precaution. Some of the neighbors near the gunman’s apartment were evacuated for safety purposes. One neighbor, Adam Peyton told he awoke to the sight of SWAT officer and vehicles in his neighborhood. The apartments are located near Zilker Park. He said it is a very close community. “As soon as they show his face, we’ll instantly know,” Peyton said.

Acevedo began to fuel speculation about the shooters potential motive according to theUSAToday article cited above. Stating the suspect’s targets indicated that he might have had anti-government motives linked to immigration. “If you look at the targets,” Acevedo stated, “it doesn’t take a genius that this is the potential. I would venture that political rhetoric might have fed into some of this, but that is speculation on my part.”

*This story is becoming updated as new information becomes available. 

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5 Killed in Attack on British Embassy Convoy

A suicide attack by Taliban on a foreign convoy on Kabul’s Jalalabad Road has left at least five people dead and 20 others wounded, according to Afghanistan’s Health Ministry.

General Ayoub Salangi, Afghanistan’s deputy interior minister, said the attacker was riding a motorcycle during Thursday’s attack. The Taliban has claimed responsibilty for attack, claiming many foreigners were killed.

The British embassy in Kabul confirmed to Al Jazeera that one of their vehicles were hit in the attack, adding that there were no diplomats in the vehicle, and that a number of its staff were being treated for injuries.

There was no immediate indication of the extent of any casualties.

The huge blast could be heard across Kabul and a plume of smoke rose high into the air above the attack site on the Jalalabad road, a main route that houses many foreign compounds and military facilities.

The bombing is the latest in a wave of attacks to hit Kabul as the majority of foreign combat troops withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of the year after 13 years of war against the Taliban and its allies.

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At least 5 people were killed in an attack on a convoy of British embassy vehicles.