Motorcycle Gunmen Attack Israeli Embassy in Athens.

Israeli embassy in Athens Attacked by gunmen.
Israeli embassy in Athens Attacked by gunmen.

Greek authorities are said to be investigating a gunfire attack on the Israeli embassy in Athens, which took place in the wee hours of Friday.

Police have cordoned off a major road outside the Athens embassy, while forensic experts in white protective clothes were searching the area, reports AP. No one has been reported injured or dead so far.

Shots were reportedly fired from a motorcycle passing in front of the embassy, which is located on the corner of a busy highway, according to the police.

Moments later, two other persons on a second motorcycle reportedly participated in the attack that took place at 3:20 am local time.

The AFP reports that early evidence suggested a Kalashnikov assault rifle was used. Greece’s anti-terrorist squad will examine the bullet casings found in the scene to assess if the pre-dawn attack had any resemblance to other terrorist attacks in the past.

Friday’s attack comes just two days after a Palestinian official died in the West Bank after a confrontation with Israeli soldiers.

It can be noted that Greece has strongly been condemning Israel’s policies in the West Bank and Gaza and many protests have been held in Athens in support of the Palestinians. In recent years, far-left groups in the county have targeted vehicles of embassy officials.

In 2007, a rocket was fired at the US embassy in Athens while the residence of the German ambassador in Athens has been attacked twice with assault rifles in 2013 and 1999.