Assassins enter upscale barbershop near US Consulate and Kill one man and injury five.

A customer was getting a hair cut while a man sat talking on a cellphone and other patrons lounged around in an upscale Juárez barbershop.


November 23 appeared to be a normal day at the the Navaja Man Cave barbershop before a young man entered with an assault rifle and opened fire, killing one man and wounding five others.

The attack was recorded on security camera video that the Chihuahua attorney general’s office released Friday when announcing the arrest of the alleged shooter. The El Paso Times has chosen not to publish the video online.

State investigators arrested the suspected trigger man, Manuel Arturo C.M., and Pedro M.M., who allegedly acted as a lookout during the attack.

Full names were not released by Mexican authorities in keeping with practices regarding naming crime suspects.

A bystander identified as Jesus Rodriguez Torres was killed, and five other men were wounded in the shooting, officials said.

A motive for the attack was not disclosed by authorities.

Navaja Man Cave features a bar, a pool table and other amenities. The shop is on the second floor of a retail building on Avenida Ejercito Nacional near Paseo De La Victoria street, not far from the U.S. Consulate in Juárez.

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Security cameras were recording as the alleged shooter exited a parked Mitsubishi Montero carrying what appears to be the rifle.

The time stamp on the video was 14:46 hours, or 2:46 p.m.

The shooter — wearing a red shirt, a blue vest and a Seattle Seahawks cap — went into the building accompanied by the alleged lookout, according to video images.

The video shows the shooter enter the shop and begin to fire as customers ducked for cover under tables and chairs. One customer managed to escape by scampering out the door behind the shooter.

The shooter stood by the door firing several shots before leaving and running down the stairs.

The Chihuahua attorney general’s office said investigators found the SUV allegedly used by the attackers and seized three rifles, including the one allegedly used in the attack, when they arrested the alleged lookout.

The alleged shooter was arrested in Chihuahua City, where he was hiding out, officials said.

A day after the attack, Juárez police arrested an alleged Mexicles gang member that police said was accused in the shooting. But no weapon was found. It now appears he was the wrong person.

The daytime shooting in an upscale business and occurred as murders have increased in Juárez.

There have been more than 675 homicides in Juárez this year, compared with 543 in all of 2016, according to news media tallies and data from the city’s Mesa de Seguridad y Justicia, or security and justice board.

The number of homicides is far less than during the drug cartel war years. Juárez had more than 3,300 murders in 2010.

Juárez authorities point out that security improvements continue, including the addition of 265 new police officers at an oath-of-office ceremony in late November.


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