Germany Investigates Attack on Venezuelan Consulate in Hamburg

Diplomatic Security Sit-Rep 2/12/2019
The German prosecutor”s office confirmed on Thursday investigations into acts of vandalism perpetrated by unknown persons against the Venezuelan consulate general in Hamburg, in the north of the country.


On the 2nd of this month several people damaged the diplomatic installation with posters and paintings insulting President Nicolás Maduro, an attack criticized by the authorities and solidarity groups with Venezuela.

The organization Juana Ramirez La Avanzadora, which brings together Venezuelans living in Germany, and other Latin American and African initiatives described the aggression as cowardly and demanded respect for diplomatic personnel.

In addition, they questioned the treatment given by the German press to the situation in Venezuela, which ignores this type of intimidation on the part of the opposition.

Meanwhile, the Latin American Bloc alliance condemned ‘any interference in the internal affairs of the South American nation because it fuels a violent escalation that could lead to regional destabilization’.

‘We urge governments and institutions to put an end to the economic sanctions against Venezuela, which only impede the population’s access to basic consumer goods and medicines,’ states a communiqué from the alliance of a dozen organizations.

‘For us, this is an attack on the sovereignty and self-determination of a people. We are in favor of a political solution that must come from the citizens, in accordance with the constitutional order,’ he concludes.

Germans and Latin Americans living in Hamburg organized several demonstrations in January in solidarity with Venezuela and criticized ‘the actions to ignore Maduro’s electoral victory on May 20, 2018.

In addition, they condemned U.S. maneuvers to promote a coup d’état in that country.

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