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Vehiculos Blindados En Renta en Manila

Dipolmat Armored  Rentals ofrece vehículos blindados para servicios de alquiler y seguridad a lo larde de las Filipinas.

Desde nuestras oficina en Manila, podemos proporcionar vehículos blindados y servicios de protección ejecutiva en Cebu, Davao y Zamboanga.


En Manila, contamos con Hummers y Ford Expeditions Blindados disponibles para renta o alquiler.


Reserva un vehículo en nuestra línea reserva sistema en:


Estos vehículos y los servicios también están disponibles para clientes del sector privado.

Para una cotización más rápida en vehículos blindados y servicios de seguridad, utilice el enlace de más abajo. Es la mejor opción para que usted obtenga una respuesta más precisa.

Por favor conteste todas las preguntas que pueda después favor de enviar el formulario de solicitud en el siguiente enlace:


Diplomat Armored Rentals es una empresa con sede en Washington, D.C.

Para obtener más información sobre nuestros servicios, póngase en contacto con nosotros en: 1-888-480-0454 or at sales @


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Armored Vehicles Available for Rent in Manila

Diplomat Armored Rentals provides armored vehicles for hire and security services throughout the Philippines.

From our offices in Manila and Davao, we can provide armored vehicles and executive protection services in Cebu City, and Zamboanga

In Manila and Davao, we have armored Ford Expedition and Hummers available for rent or hire.

Reserve a vehicle now on our online booking System at:

For a quick quote on for armored vehicle and security services use the link below. To better assist in providing you with the most accurate response. Please answer as many questions as you can then submit the request form using at the link below:


These vehicles and services are also available to private sector clients.

Diplomat Armored Rentals is a Veteran Owned business headquartered in Washington, D.C.

For additional information on our services, contact us at: 1-888-480-0454 or at sales@


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City Councilor and Bodyguard killed in Laguna Ambush


CAMP PACIANO RIZAL, Laguna – A reelectionist city councilor and his bodyguard were killed in an ambush by a lone gunman Wednesday afternoon in San Pablo City, less than two weeks before the official start of the election period.

San Pablo City councilor Edgardo Adajar, 55, and his close-in bodyguard, Ronaldo Leonardo, 40, were killed at around 4 p.m. in Barangay (village) Concepcion in the city, said Superintendent Carlos Barde, city police chief.

He said Adajar was dead on the spot while Leonardo died in the hospital three hours after the ambush.

The victims had just stepped out of a cockpit and were about to board the official’s sports utility vehicle when the gunman appeared from behind and shot them at close range, said Barde.

Adajar sustained gunshot wounds in the head and body while Leonardo succumbed to two gunshot wounds in the body.

“According to [Adajar’s] driver, the councilor was already down on the ground when the gunman fired the second shot [hitting Adajar in] the head,” Barde said.

He said it seemed that the gunman, who escaped on a motorcycle driven by another man, carefully planned and waited for his target to come out of the cockpit.

Senior Superintendent Pascual Munoz, Laguna police director, who immediately formed a special task group on the case, said they were pursuing several angles in the investigation.

Among the angles are politics and personal grudges against the councilor, who is also known as a “hard-hitting” anchorman of a local radio station.

Adajar headed the city council’s committee on budget and authored two resolutions that sparked opposition to the P900- and P740- million loan transactions of the city government in 2012.

Members of a civil society group on Friday called on the Commission on Elections to place San Pablo City under its watch for fear the killings of Adajar and Leonardo are just the start of a violent election in May.

But although considered a “high-profile case,” the police have yet to tag the ambush of councilor Edgardo Adajar as poll-related with the motive still undetermined.

Barde also noted that the election period has yet to start until January 13.

Bodyguard Killed in Ambush

MANILA, Philippines – A board member in San Pablo, Laguna was wounded while his driver was killed in an ambush Wednesday evening, police said on Thursday.

Superintendent Romeo de Castro, chief of police, said board member Reynaldo dela Torre Paras, 55, was wounded, and his bodyguard-driver, Geovanni Legaspi Dumaraos was declared dead on arrival at the hospital after they were attacked along A. Bonifacio Street in Barangay VII-C in San Pablo City, Laguna at around 8:20 p.m.

But de Castro said one of two gunmen identified as Eugene Rocaldo Bacoto, 25, was also wounded after Paras managed to return fire at the suspects.

De Castro said that Paras, 55, came from Sta Cruz town and had stopped by a bakery on his way home in San Pablo City when they were attacked.

“(Paras) was standing in front of a bakery when he was attacked. I knew he used to buy bread from that bakeshop to take home to his wife,” De Castro said.

The two gunmen, he said, appeared to have been waiting for Paras as they had positioned themselves about five meters from the official when they opened

“We just couldn’t say yet if it was Paras or the bodyguard who shot Bacoto,” said De Castro, as the police were still waiting for results of ballistic tests.

Bacoto was arrested when police arrived at the scene, but the other gunman escaped.

Shortly after the attack,  the escaped gunman stole  a motorcycle nearby and used it to get away, abandoning the vehicle near the noundary between San Pablo City and the town of Alaminos, Laguna police director Senior Supt. Gilbert Cruz said.

The man could have also been wounded as police found blood on the motorcycle, Cruz added.

Cruz said Paras had dropped by the provincial police headquarters in Sta Cruz Wednesday afternoon to report he had been getting threats.

“He said he had been receiving threats on his life,” Cruz said, declining to give more details as an   investigation was ongoing.

Bacoto, who remained in the hospital under heavy police guard, refused to name the mastermind of the  attack, according to De Castro.

Paras, who represents the third district of Laguna on the Provincial Board, heads the committee on peace and order. He was police officer before he entered politics.