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The Diplomat Armored Rentals Garage in Washington D.C.

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The Diplomat Armored Rentals Garage in Washington D.C.
The Diplomat Armored Rentals garage in Washington D.C. is where we store our armored vehicles used by embassies in the Washington D.C. area.

Diplomat Armored Rentals is the world’s premier provider of armored cars for rent. Based in Washington D.C. we maintain the world’s largest fleet of armored SUVs and sedans availble for rent or long-term lease in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, London, Turkey, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Afghanstan, Iraq & in the Philippines.

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Diplomat Armored Rentals
US: (Toll Free)1-888-480-0454
1629 K. St
Suite 300
Washington D.C.20006
D&B Number:078514364 Cage:6SKC1 NAICS:532112, 561612
Veteran Owned Business (V.O.B.)

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Armoured cars for hire in Ankara

Diplomat Armored Rentals provides armoured vehicles for hire in Turkey
Diplomat Armored Rentals provides armoured vehicles for hire in Turkey


Diplomat Armoured Rentals provides armored vehicles for rent around the world.

We several armoured passenger vehicles available for hire in Ankara, Turkey. We can provide clients with B5 Armoured SUV’s. In Ankara we offer Cadillac Escalades and Lincoln Navigators. These vehicles are can carry up to six passengers and provide protection against AK-47s.
All of our vehicles in Ankara are 2,000 Euro per day. This price includes a driver.
Contact us for special rates on rental periods of 1 Week (7 Days) or more.

Diplomat Armored Rentals is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business. (SDVOB)

Contact Us Today at: US (+1) 619-306-8468 or
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secure@diplomatarmored.com  – We’ll confirm receipt.  Then call us to be assigned decryption key.

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