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Armored Vehicles Available for Rent in Tripoli

Diplomat Armored Rentals provides armored vehicles for hire and security services throughout Libya

From our offices in Tripoli, we can provide armored vehicles and executive protection services in Benghazi, Surt, Tobruk, and Misratah.

In Tripoli, we have armored Toyota Land Cruisers  available for rent or hire.

Reserve a vehicle now on our online booking System at:


For a quick quote on for armored vehicle and security services use the link below. To better assist in providing you with the most accurate response. Please answer as many questions as you can then submit the request form using at the link below:


These vehicles and services are also available to private sector clients.

Diplomat Armored Rentals is a Veteran Owned business headquartered in Washington, D.C.

For additional information on our services, contact us at: 1-888-480-0454

http://www.diplomatarmored.com or at sales@ diplomatarmored.com


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