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Saudi Diplomat, Bodyguard Shot Dead In Yemeni Capital

A Saudi diplomat working in neighboring Yemen and his local bodyguard were shot dead on Wednesday in the Yemeni capital Sana, reports quoting the Saudi Embassy and local security officials said.

Khalid AL-Nazi, the assistant military attaché at the Saudi embassy, and his security assistant, were  attacked near the Saudi official’s residence in Bait Bataan district, a southern suburb of the capital near Hadar district, in the morning.

The gunmen, reportedly disguised as members of the security services, chased Nazi’s car before opening fire, and the vehicle flipped as the driver tried to escape.

Hadar is a high-security region, hosting foreign embassies and diplomatic residences.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, the second similar incident in as many months targeting foreign diplomats in Yemeni capital.

Al-QED in the Arabian Peninsula (ASAP) was suspected to have carried out the killing of a security official at the U.S. Embassy in Sana in October.   Saudi Arabia’s official news agency Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said “the Yemeni security authorities in collaboration with the Saudi ambassador to Yemen have already started investigation to know the circumstances and motives behind the crime and to bring the offenders to justice.” The Saudi Foreign Ministry is preparing to bring the body of its diplomat to the kingdom, SPA added.

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Mayor-elect killed driving unarmored vehicle in Mexico

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Edgar Morales Perez is dead following a Matehuala, Mexico assassination. Edgar Morales Perez and Francisco Hernandez were assassinated today August 12, 2012 local news is reporting. Perez was the mayor-elect of Matehuala in San Luis Potosi; Hernandez was Perez’s campaign manager. A female passenger has survived.

Officials tell news that gunmen launched a violent assassination on the road after Perez left a local party. Perez was a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).


Police Colonel Killed by Sniper in North Colombia

An unidentified sniper shot and killed a police commander in the Bajo Cauca region of northern Colombia, a region fought over by the FARC rebels and emerging criminal groups.

According to authorities, Colonel Cristian Florez’s car was hit by three rounds while he was traveling on a road between Taraza and Valdivia in the Antioquia province on July 31, reported El Tiempo. Florez (pictured) was the second-in-command of transport police in the region.

The mayor of Taraza attributed the attack to the 36th Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the branch of the guerrilla group operating in the region. He called for increased security in the area.

Antioquia’s government secretary, Santiago Londoño, said that the FARC could be behind the attack, but also noted that the killing could have been the work of emerging criminal bands (BACRIM) in the area. Londoño announced that the governor would convene a meeting with the heads of security agencies in response to the attack.

InSight Crime Analysis

Florez is the second member of the Antioquia highway patrol to be killed in a little over a year. In June 2011, a concealed explosive device planted by the FARC killed a police major from the highway patrol when he went to a site where the guerrillas had burned three cars.

The dense coca crops and transport connections to both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts in Bajo Cauca make it a hub of activity for both the BACRIM and the FARC. It has never been under the sole control of any of these groups, and so has become a battleground for rival criminal organizations.

Illicit activities in the area run from drug trafficking to unlicensed gold mining operations, many of which are run by the FARC’s 36th Front. Neo-paramilitary criminal organizations have also made inroads in this enterprise in Bajo Cauca.

Taraza in particular is a known operating center for BACRIM groups like the Urabeños, which assembles teams of trained, armed men to buy and protect coca base.



Bodyguard Killed in Attack on Yemini Minister

ImageGunmen strafed the car of Yemeni information minister Ali Ahmed al-Amrani with bullets on Thursday, killing his bodyguard, but the official was not in the vehicle at the time, officials said.

“Armed men fired shots at the information minister’s car, killing his bodyguard,” a security official told AFP. “The minister, who was not in the car at the time of the attack, was apparently the attackers’ target.”


The assailants sprayed the car with bullets as it stopped outside a pharmacy.

A ministerial source confirmed the attack and the death of the bodyguard, whose name was not given.

Amrani also escaped an assassination attempt on January 31 as he was leaving government headquarters in Sanaa.

The minister, a member of the opposition named to the post in December as part of a deal that led to the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in February, was also unhurt on that occasion.

Amrani was a member of Saleh’s General People’s Congress who joined the opposition along with several other party members in March 2011 in protest over a deadly crackdown on anti-regime protests by the President’s loyalists.

The January attack was the first on a government official since a unity government was formed on December 7 under the Gulf-brokered power transfer deal that gave an equal number of seats to the GPC and opposition.

At the time of the first assassination bid Saleh was in the United States for medical treatment after being seriously wounded in a bombing at the presidential palace in Sanaa in June 2011.