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The Diplomat Armored Rentals Garage in Washington D.C.

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The Diplomat Armored Rentals Garage in Washington D.C.
The Diplomat Armored Rentals garage in Washington D.C. is where we store our armored vehicles used by embassies in the Washington D.C. area.

Diplomat Armored Rentals is the world’s premier provider of armored cars for rent. Based in Washington D.C. we maintain the world’s largest fleet of armored SUVs and sedans availble for rent or long-term lease in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, London, Turkey, Libya, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Afghanstan, Iraq & in the Philippines.

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D&B Number:078514364 Cage:6SKC1 NAICS:532112, 561612
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Bodyguard Goes Missing in Uganda

Bodyguard disappears after receiving a phone call at an exclusive party in Uganda.
Bodyguard disappears after receiving a phone call at an exclusive party in Uganda.

Friends and relatives to Michael Kasirye, socialite Zari Hassan’s former bodyguard have reported a case of a missing person with Jinja road police station. Kalisimaati as he was fondly called by pals was last seen at Zari’s All White Party at Guvnor last year.

“It’s over a month now since we last heard of Michael and to make matters worse, all his known lines are off,” a family source said. Kalisimaati used to work at the Centenary based BBQ Lounge until November 2012.

Kalisimaati was one of Zari’s most trusted bouncers, but during the night of the White Party, he received a call which he had to attend to from a less noisy area, so he chose to go outside the dancing hall. That was the last time he was seen until today.

Police is now appealing to whoever has any information leading to his whereabouts to come out and help as they carry out investigations in the hunt for Michael Kasirye.

Zari and Ivan left the country this morning after a four-day visit that saw Zari stock her Garden City based stores with Valentine wear and assorted gift items.


Ex-Bin Laden Bodyguard Living in Germany

They said the man, named only as Sami A., 36, had recruited young Muslims in the city of Bochum for “holy war” after spending time in Afghanistan and Pakistan before the September 11, 2001 attacks. Bin Laden, the al Qaeda leader, was killed in a U.S. commando raid on his Pakistan hideout last year.

“We know that Sami A. was in Afghanistan and Pakistan at the end of 2000 where he was believed to have been one of Osama bin Laden’s bodyguards,” a spokeswoman for Germany’s constitutional watchdog in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) said.

“Both the intelligence services and security services have had a close eye on him since 2004,” she added. “We consider him dangerous as he had been spreading extremist views in Germany while trying to radicalize young people.”

Sami A. has not been detained but has been required to report to Bochum police daily since 2006, a spokeswoman for the NRW interior ministry said.

German authorities have tried to deport Sami A. to his native Tunisia since 2006 because he is seen as a possible threat to national security, but not succeeded because he is married to a German woman and they have three children.

Two of Sami A.’s followers belong to a group of four accused of membership of an al Qaeda cell and charged in Germany with plotting an attack. They went on trial in July. Prosecutors said the four, aged between 20 and 30, had intended to stage a “sensational terror attack”.

German media reports said Sami A. had given religious classes in Bochum to the German-Iranian Amid C., 21, and German citizen Halil S., 28, who are suspected of handling the group’s communications with al Qaeda leaders abroad.

Germany has stepped up surveillance of Salafist Islamists – believed to number about 4,000 among the 4 million Muslims in the country – after they sought to hand out free copies of the Koran and clashed with police earlier this year.

Police raided scores of buildings across Germany on June 14 in a clampdown on Salafists suspected of plotting against the state. Salafists want to establish sharia (Islamic law) in Europe and police fear they are fuelling militancy among a small minority of socially alienated young Muslims in Germany.

But despite the prominence of Germany in the saga of al Qaeda due to Hamburg’s role as a base for three of the September 11 suicide airline hijackers, its indigenous militant scene is much smaller than that in Britain or France, security experts say.

Britain has been trying for more than a decade to deport Abu Qatada, a radical Muslim preacher of Palestinian origin and described by a Spanish judge as bin Laden’s “right-hand man in Europe”, to Jordan to face terrorism charges. His case remains mired in legal wrangling

Bodyguard Killed in Attack on Yemini Minister

ImageGunmen strafed the car of Yemeni information minister Ali Ahmed al-Amrani with bullets on Thursday, killing his bodyguard, but the official was not in the vehicle at the time, officials said.

“Armed men fired shots at the information minister’s car, killing his bodyguard,” a security official told AFP. “The minister, who was not in the car at the time of the attack, was apparently the attackers’ target.”


The assailants sprayed the car with bullets as it stopped outside a pharmacy.

A ministerial source confirmed the attack and the death of the bodyguard, whose name was not given.

Amrani also escaped an assassination attempt on January 31 as he was leaving government headquarters in Sanaa.

The minister, a member of the opposition named to the post in December as part of a deal that led to the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in February, was also unhurt on that occasion.

Amrani was a member of Saleh’s General People’s Congress who joined the opposition along with several other party members in March 2011 in protest over a deadly crackdown on anti-regime protests by the President’s loyalists.

The January attack was the first on a government official since a unity government was formed on December 7 under the Gulf-brokered power transfer deal that gave an equal number of seats to the GPC and opposition.

At the time of the first assassination bid Saleh was in the United States for medical treatment after being seriously wounded in a bombing at the presidential palace in Sanaa in June 2011.




Justice Secretary’s Body Guard Tortured and Killed in the Philippines

Monday, May 14, 2012

MANILA — The security aide of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima whose body was found in San Ildefonso, Bulacan, may have been tortured before he was killed.

This is based on the National Bureau of Investigation’s autopsy results on the 32-year-old Alister Quintos’s body.

De Lima earlier said Quintos, a member of the Department of Justice’s Internal Service Operations Group, died of gunshot wounds while autopsy results also showed bite marks in his body, a broken left hand and wounds made by a knife.

His body was found in Bulacan on Friday morning. But prior to the incident, de Lima said Quintos was on his way home to Antipolo City when he was dropped off in Cubao, Quezon City on Thursday night.

“When an unconfirmed report came out, some of my security tried to call his numbers, both Smart and Globe. His Smart line was unattended while it was a police who picked up the other phone line,” de Lima said.

She said she never heard Quintos, whom she described as cheerful and polite, talking about death threats.

“We’re all shocked (about his death),” she said.

The NBI was expected to give de Lima an update on the autopsy reports before lunch today, Monday. (

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