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5 Killed in Attack on British Embassy Convoy

A suicide attack by Taliban on a foreign convoy on Kabul’s Jalalabad Road has left at least five people dead and 20 others wounded, according to Afghanistan’s Health Ministry.

General Ayoub Salangi, Afghanistan’s deputy interior minister, said the attacker was riding a motorcycle during Thursday’s attack. The Taliban has claimed responsibilty for attack, claiming many foreigners were killed.

The British embassy in Kabul confirmed to Al Jazeera that one of their vehicles were hit in the attack, adding that there were no diplomats in the vehicle, and that a number of its staff were being treated for injuries.

There was no immediate indication of the extent of any casualties.

The huge blast could be heard across Kabul and a plume of smoke rose high into the air above the attack site on the Jalalabad road, a main route that houses many foreign compounds and military facilities.

The bombing is the latest in a wave of attacks to hit Kabul as the majority of foreign combat troops withdraw from Afghanistan by the end of the year after 13 years of war against the Taliban and its allies.

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At least 5 people were killed in an attack on a convoy of British embassy vehicles.