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Armored vehicle saves campaign staff during election event in Mexico.

Mexico City, May 23 (EFE).– Members of the campaign team of the conservative PAN’s candidate for governor of the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, Jorge Camacho, came under fire while riding in a vehicle near the town of Petatlan.

The campaign SUV was targeted Friday night after it was used to drive former Government Secretary Santiago Creel to the Zihuatanejo airport following his participation in an event in support of Camacho, the candidate told a local television station on Saturday.

“We divided into two groups. I returned to Acapulco and the SUV took Santiago Creel to Zihuatanejo. When it returned by way of Petatlan, it came under attack by unknown assailants,” Camacho said, adding that the vehicle was hit 20 times but “fortunately” it was armor-plated and no bullets struck anyone inside.

Two members of Camacho’s campaign team, neither of whom was harmed despite being forced out of the vehicle, were traveling in the SUV.

After the pair identified themselves as members of the politician’s team, the assailants fled, Camacho said, adding that they reported the crime Saturday morning.

Guerrero has been racked by violence ahead of Mexico’s June 7 midterm elections, when 1,996 public offices, including 500 seats in the lower house of Congress and nine governorships, including that of Guerrero, will be up for grabs.

Ulises Fabian Quiroz, the candidate for mayor of the town of Chilapa de Alvarez of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, was killed on May 1, while Aide Nava, a candidate for mayor of the town of Ahuacuotzingo of the leftist PRD party, was slain in March. EFE

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PAN condena ataque a comitiva de Jorge Camacho
PAN condena ataque a comitiva de Jorge Camacho

Western Embassies in Egypt Close Amid ISIL Terror Threats.

British Embassy in Cairo.
British Embassy in Cairo.

CAIRO — Western embassies, amid threat of an Al Qaida-aligned attack, have been suspending operations in Egypt.

At least two Western embassies have closed while others were restricting operations in Cairo. In a 24-hour period, Britain and Canada said they were closing their embassies for security reasons.

“Public services at the British embassy are currently suspended,” British ambassador John Casson said on Dec. 8. “We have taken this decision to ensure the security of the embassy and our staff.”

Neither Casson nor other diplomats provided details of the security threat. Over the last two months, Al Qaida and Islamic State of Iraq and Levant issued a series of warnings against Western embassies and schools in the Middle East.

“There is considered to be a heightened threat of terrorist attacks globally against UK interests and British nationals from groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria,” the British Foreign Office said. “You should be vigilant at this time.”

On Dec. 8, Canada said it was closing its embassy in Cairo for security reasons. Diplomats said it was unclear when the embassy would reopen.

“The ability to provide consular services may occasionally be limited for short periods due to unsettled security conditions,” the Canadian embassy said.

The Australian embassy in Cairo has warned nationals of insurgency attacks in Egypt. The embassy, which has not closed, said targets could include tourist and government sites.

“Terrorist attacks could occur at anytime, anywhere in Egypt, including in tourist areas,” the Australian embassy said on Dec. 6. “Some past attacks have coincided with local holiday weekends.”

The U.S. embassy, the largest in the city, has remained open in Cairo. But the embassy has warned staffers to stay close to home amid clashes between security forces and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“In light of the heightened tensions and recent attacks on Westerners in the region, the U.S. embassy has recommended that its staff carefully scrutinize their personal movements and consider staying close to their residences and neighborhoods over the coming period,” the U.S. embassy said on Dec. 4.



Gunmen Attacks Mexican Consulate in Texas and Tries to Burn it Down.

A man being described as a middle-aged white male opened fire early Friday morning on the Austin Police Department (APD) Headquarters. After firing about 100 rounds, the gunman was killed. It is not known for certain whether he died from a police bullet or from a self-inflicted shot. The man also fired at other government buildings in Austin along with the Mexican Consulate. While at the Mexican Consulate, he attempted to set a blaze using several propane cylinders.

At about 2:20 a.m. Friday morning, the gunman began his shooting rampage. He shot rounds at the Mexican Consulate and attempted to set it on fire using propane canistersaccording to a report in USAToday. He then proceeded to fire shots at the U.S. Courthouse Building in Austin while in route to the Austin Police Headquarters. Other buildings were fired at along the way.

The fire at the Mexican was extinguished but was extensively damaged. No one has been reported injured at this time.

Some of the building shot at were near the popular 6th Street club district in Austin. The clubs close at 2 a.m. shortly before the shooting escapade began.

According to Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, an APD mounted patrol sergeant shot the gunman with one hand while holding two horses with the other. The man was described as being about 50-years-old according to an article in TheState.com. It is not known at this time, if the sergeant’s shot killed the suspect or if he took his own life.

Officers discovered more propane cylinders in his vehicle. The suspect was also wearing a bulky vest. Not sure if he may have been wired with explosives, officers backed away and the Austin Bomb Squad was called. They determined there were no explosive devices.

Chief Acevedo did not reveal the suspect’s name at this time but said he had a criminal record. Police Tactical Teams responded shortly thereafter to an apartment complex where the gunman lived as a precaution. Some of the neighbors near the gunman’s apartment were evacuated for safety purposes. One neighbor, Adam Peyton told TheState.com he awoke to the sight of SWAT officer and vehicles in his neighborhood. The apartments are located near Zilker Park. He said it is a very close community. “As soon as they show his face, we’ll instantly know,” Peyton said.

Acevedo began to fuel speculation about the shooters potential motive according to theUSAToday article cited above. Stating the suspect’s targets indicated that he might have had anti-government motives linked to immigration. “If you look at the targets,” Acevedo stated, “it doesn’t take a genius that this is the potential. I would venture that political rhetoric might have fed into some of this, but that is speculation on my part.”

*This story is becoming updated as new information becomes available. 

Bob Price is a senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.



Gujarat poll shooting: BJP MLA’s bodyguard goes berserk, replies with bullets to stones


The bodyguard of a BJP candidate and sitting MLA opened fire after some stones were pelted at the leader by some people in Tarsang village, resulting in the injury to four of them.

Jetha Bharwad, the MLA from Sahera in Panchmahal district and seeking a re-election, was later detained, DGP Chittranjan Singh said.

According to Panchmahal SP Sachin Badshah, “When Bharwad reached Tarsang village, suddenly some stone were pelted on him. His commando retaliated and opened 8-10 rounds of fire in which four people were injured, though they all are out of danger now,” he said.

Tarsang village is around 165 km from here.

Police detained Bharwad while he was still undergoing treatment for head injuries at a private hospital in Godhra town of Panchmahal.

“At present, Jetha Bharwad is under detention and further probe is underway to ascertain who exactly fired, Bharwad or his commando,” said Singh.

Meanwhile Congress candidate Takhatsingh Solanki, who is pitted against Bharwad from Sahera, claimed that Bharwad came to the village for bogus voting and that he staged the stone pelting.

“It was pre-planned by Jetha Bharwad so that he can terrorise the voters of my village and resort to bogus voting. Otherwise he has no business to enter in my village at the time of voting,” Solanki claimed.